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Border Prints - A Whole Collection

Search border prints and take a good look at what is available within that print. Select single motifs for placements and embroideries, especially with those designed as a vector file (or we can convert for you), which can be easily transferred to a digital embroidery machine, weave or knit pattern. Have a look at how many prints are within the border. Have they been set up as a mathematical repeat to work as one whole repeat? Most of our border prints have been created by mini tiles that are repeated to tile out pefectly within the main repeat. What does this mean for you? You already have a mini suite of repeats to build up a mini collection to run within your range. Great value for money. If you store your tiles within a browser based viewer, you will have an accessible library for all members within your team to access and play with all of the time. Even if your team members don’t know how to use Photoshop or Clo, you can load the designs into a viewer and they can be viewed and played with at any time. Imagine that border print now. You have created a sellable suite of prints for a mini beach collection. The prints are stored for further use: to change colour, scale and orientation, as well as test out on new garment shapes. Try out on We can break our border prints into separate prints for you to visualise quickly.


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